Prospect Countdown: #6 Mike Morin

Prospect Countdown: #6 Mike Morin

A setup man of the near future for the Angels bullpen and one of the best changeups in the minor leagues, this prospect has a bright future. 40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Angels Prospects, #6, Mike Morin.

Michael Morin, RHP, Reliever

A nasty three pitch arsenal, with one of the best changeups in the game, this prospect is an exciting one. Mike Morin, a future setup man in the Angels bullpen, comes in at number six. A breakout 2013 season isn't what turned Morin in to an elite prospect, but what he had that no one saw prior. Morin has the potential to be one of the most elite prospects in minor league baseball.


There are guys who were born to pitch, and Mike Morin is one of those guys. His command and control are beyond impressive. Strikes are plentiful from Morin and he places the ball exactly where he wants to. He challenges hitters well, and wins more battles than he loses (many more) from the mound.

Morin's fastball is pretty middle of the road. Velocity of the pitch sits in the low 90's around 91-93. Morin does a good job of keeping the ball low though, and at times will turn it in to a shoulder high, two-strike, chase fastball that is used as a strikeout pitch.

Morin has a curveball that is a "here's something new" pitch. It's nothing over the top spectacular, but it is effective, especially when he can throw it for strikes.

Morin's changeup is one of the best in all of minor league baseball, and once he hits the Majors, will be one of the best from Major League relievers. He can place it anywhere and use it in any count. Morin will become a strong asset to any Major League bullpen.

We asked a scout about Morin and of course the first thing he brought up was his changeup, but when we asked for a comparison, he said, "Jose Valverde, or better."


Morin came out of the draft strong, and his numbers were inflated by two poor performances out of his 24 appearances. Morin had two games where his location was off, walking five over the two games, allowing four hits, and a combined seven runs. If you take away these two appearances, Morin would have finished the season with a 3.24 earned run average, with a 1.230 WHIP. Instead, with these included, Morin finished the season with a 4.93 earned run average and 1.38 WHIP.

2013 was a breakout season for Morin that started in High-A, and ended in the Arizona Fall League. Morin was outstanding in the hitter friendly Cal League, posting a 1.85 earned run average, mostly due to allowing runs in just six of his 30 appearances. The most incredible numbers from Morin's High-A statistics were his .897 WHIP and 8.60 SO/BB ratio (1.2 BB/9 / 9.9 K/9).

Morin continued his success in Double-A in 2013. Morin had eight of his 26 appearances seeing ZERO base runners, and he boasted a 2.03 earned run average, 1.000 WHIP, and kept his walks and strikeout ratio nearly identical (1.5 BB/9 / 9.6 K/9).

Morin posted almost identical numbers in the Arizona Fall League to the rest of his season, finishing with a 2.03 earned run average and .83 WHIP, as well as not allowing a run in his first eight appearances (10.1 innings pitched).


Mike Morin is possibly Major League ready now, but will most likely jump out of Spring Training in to Triple-A. We doubt anyone would be shocked if Morin didn't see Major League time during the 2014 season, and be a full time member by 2015. Morin has been used as a closer in the minors and college, but it is more likely that he will be used as a setup man in both Triple-A and in the Majors. Recommended Stories